To have your Class Reunion or Alumni Event listed please email; Name of Event, Date, Time, and Contact Information to Charles Knight ’65 at

Class of 1967 - 50 Year Reunion

When: October 14, 2017 at 6:00 to 11:00 PM
Where: Colonia Country Club
300 Colonia Blvd
Colonia, NJ
United States

Contact: Linda Grosso
We have a block of rooms reserved under Rahway High Class of 1967

Holiday Inn
36 Valley Road
Clark, New Jersey 07066
Reservations: 732.574.0100
Class of 1965 - 70th Birthday Celebration

When: Septeber 9 at 3:00 - 9:00 PM
Where: Simko's Grille
403 Higgins Ave
Brielle, NJ
United States

Contact: Charlie Knight, Sandy Stark, Bill Koczan, Scott Smith

Friday Sept 8 – Meet and Greet  Cash Bar
     5:00pm Jack Baker's Warfside
          101 Channel drive Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

Saturday Sept 9 – Main Event  $49.50 pp  Limited to 60 Guests
     Simko’s Grill 403 Higgins Ave. Brielle, NJ 08730
          3:00 pm – Cocktail Reception – Cash Bar
          5:00-9:00pm – Saturday Nighter’s Dinner Dance
          Entertainment and Cash Bar
         Attire: Beach Casual
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If sending a check mail to: PO Box 10421, New Brunswick, NJ 08906

Sunday – Sept 10 – Breakfast Brunch – Pay as you Go
     11:00am “John & Elaine’s Restaurant”
         1103 Richmond Ave, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742
Attending from Classes 63 to 70
Ron and Diana Dempskie Skocypek
Adam "Tony" White
Richard and Cindy Gilchrest
Suzan A Cox
Gerald and Brenda Hynes
Danny Dazet
Rich and Lynn Crue
Thomas and Rosemary Torre Tarrant
Charlie and LeAnn Knight
William and Marilyn Koczan
Sandra Stark
Margaret Roselli Velotti
Larry and Mary Betty
Jim and Janice Lucas Nusse
Pete and Maria Ryan
Ralph and Paulette Patrocinio
Carol Ader Samola
Ruth and Allan Martin
Bob and Brenda Williams Newell
John and Sharon Leone Pekarky
Ed Dulik
Wayne Tarnowski
Scott Smith
Bob Cardamone
Pauline Vanuk Tango
Kathy Girtanner Santa Maria
Joe Chiaravallo
Judy Hartillius Flynn
$49.50 per person
Class of 1963 - 55 Year Reunion

When: September 15 or 22, 2018 at TBA
Where: TBA
Contact: Joe Hudak
Hello Classmates.
 It’s great to see that so many of us are still upright and getting around. And it’s hard to believe that we are coming up on 55 years since our class graduated from good old Rahway High.  And then we all went on our way to set our life’s path. We were so young then and so naive. But we’ve all made a good life for ourselves and our families. There is so much to catch up on and share about ourselves with each other.
And that brings me to my point. Recently numerous classmates have contacted me and asked if there were any plans for another Class Reunion get together. I’ve taken up that challenge, spoken with a few other classmates to get their opinions and now I’m contacting you all.
At our last gathering, as I’m sure you will remember, we decided to blow out the treasury and close out the old accounts. Well the bank was happy! You see our accounts were so old with many grandfathered clauses and bank restrictions and policies have changed so from the “business with a handshake times” that it drove them crazy when we created activity in the accounts.  And honestly we thought no one would be interested in attending any more events. Well guess what? We are all still young even at our ages, and it seems many are interested.
I am planning an event for Saturday evening, September 15th or 22nd, 2018. Would you be interested in attending?? Here’s the rub…I need a fairly accurate idea of how many would be VERY interested in attending. In order to reserve a venue it is necessary to know how many to plan for. I wouldn’t want to book a room that holds 40 people and have 100 show up that night. I’m sure you can imagine the predicament that would create. The evening, according to how many respond, would be either a plated or buffet meal with drinks available at a cash bar. Our last foray was a dinner that cost $50.00PP ALL INCLUSIVE. My hope would be that we can do as close to that again as possible. Dinner would be a choice of Chicken, Fish or Beef (you choose before hand).  Salad, Vegetables and probably cake for dessert.  Any hotel or room accommodations would be entirely up to you.  If you need assistance I can provide you with hotels/motels nearby the banquet hall.
Everything can be tied down and put into action as soon as you get back to me with your intentions. Then I will have a good idea if in fact you all are as interested as others have indicated they are.  I have to know by the 30th of September 2017 if you will be attending and I’ll need a deposit of ½ per person ( $25.00 each) so I can reserve the venue with the amount required by the caterers.
So let me know…. Email your intentions…… tell us on our FACEBOOK page “RHS Class of 63” or email me at:  Joehudak or US Postal mail me.  Either way you choose is fine, but remember to send your deposit check made out to   Joe Hudak (not Class of 63 cause the bank won’t accept it). That way we can have a treasury to work with. Thanks for your time and see you all real soon.
Send check of $25.00 per person to: Joe Hudak  27 Amesbury Rd. - Whiting, NJ 08759
(Be sure to indicate date preference. If only a few respond we will still have an event.)